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Welcome to the MV/Wiki

Eclipse MV/8000 It is hoped that over time this will become a useful resource for anyone seeking to gain or share information about Data General's MV-era minicomputers which were in production from 1980 to the mid 1990s.

For their time the MV/Family machines, along with their associated operating system AOS/VS, formed a remarkably efficient combination. These 'superminis' were often able to support significant numbers of directly attached users utilising what these days seem like miniscule amounts of resources.

Information on this wiki is targeted at…

  • Restorers of MV-class machines
  • Developers of hardware and software emulators
  • Owners, Users & Maintainers of MV-class machines
  • The nostalgic and the curious

The Documentation and Software sections contain local copies of files which have either been gathered from across the web over a number of years or physically sourced.

Although there is inevitably some overlap with the earlier 16-bit Eclipse (AOS) and later AViiON (DG/UX) systems we have tried to focus on information pertinent to the MV/Family.

We would welcome any contributions to this site and to its associated public repositories of documents and software. If you can help in any way please use our contact form. We are also keen to rescue any physical MV hardware, software or documentation - especially from the Western European region.

Disclaimer - This site is in no way related to whatever organisation currently owns the Data General trademark.

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